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Areas of Expertise

Grief, Trauma, Attachment Wounds, Eating & Body Image Disturbance, Depression, Anxiety, Coping Disorders and Cultivating Joy.

In one to one therapy you can expect me to bring both of my mothering and fathering parts.  My stance is nurturing as we explore barriers and mistaken beliefs that have held you back.  I'll also bring accountability and structure to our work to ensure we are stretching and growing. You will also see my SiSu spirit in my relentless hope for you to live your best life.  

Repairing Attachment Wounds within Marriage/Primary relationships or within Family Systems.

I use an Attachment Focused lens in my work with individuals, couples and families.  Our families of origin create a template for us and teaches us how safe or unsafe we are in relationships. What's not resolved we re-enact.  This re-enactment is not what is necessarily healthy for us, but what is familiar to us. You can expect me to help you dig into self-inquiry and understand where you learned how to co-create the distress, how to eliminate and release this unhelpful pattern and open yourself up for joy and peace.    

Consultation and Training
Self of the Therapist, Trainings on Grief, Trauma, Attachment Injuries, Body Image, Compassion Fatigue.

I provide individual and group consultation for therapists who want a deeper understanding of how old injuries or ghosts from the past show up in their clinical work.  An unique opportunity to shift and shed old patterns and show up as your Highest Self.  Say goodbye to Imposter Syndrome and feelings of distress with certain clients. Clear these mistaken beliefs so you can work with ease from your Core Wise Self and do the work the world needs you to do.


Self of the Therapist Grieve & Love Well Training:

17.5 CEU hours for helping professionals who are in the midst of their own grief while helping others. Training is compromised of:

-9.5 hours of self-pace modules on grief topics

-2 hours of live consultation from 9a-11a on 12.2.22, 1.13.23, 2.10.23 and 3.10.23.


Yule & Yog-ahhhhh group

-Restorative yoga, meditation and self-inquiry work

Yoga & Chakra Group

-Vinyasa yoga, meditation and self-inquiry work

My Approach

My Approach

I am proud of my Finnish heritage, and rely on my Finnish SiSU to bring me strength both professionally and personally.

SiSU pronounced - see'-soo, is the ineffable spirit or inner fire that Finns call upon when all strength seems spent. It literally translates into "having guts." You could also think about it as having tenacity, grit and resilience. All necessary traits we need to access when we are in the midst of distress and are trying desperately to find our way back to our Self or to each other.

Because of SiSU, Finns find it possible to do almost anything except betray our honor or compromise our ideals.

I weave my personal and professional experience together in my work.  I come from an inter-generational legacy of grief and unresolved family trauma.  After becoming a motherless daughter at age 24 I decided to do it differently.  I no longer wanted to play out and be held back by the patterns from the past. Healing needed to happen within before I could send it up to my ancestors and down to my children. I hope you give yourself and your inter-generational family legacy the same gift.

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